Fully Automated Blood Rheology Analyzer

1. Designed for Medium-Large level Lab.
2. Dual method: Rotational Cone plate method, Capillary method.
3. Non-Newtonian standard marker win China National Certification.
4. Original Non-Newtonian Controls, Consumables and application make whole solution.

Product Detail

Technical Specification

Model SA7000
Principle Whole blood: Rotation method;
Plasma: Rotation method, capillary method
Method Cone plate method,
capillary method
Signal collection Cone plate method:High-precision raster subdivision technologyCapillary method: Differential capture technology with fluid autotracking function
Working Mode Dual probes, dual plates and dual methodologies work simultaneously
Function /
CV CV≤1%
Test time Whole blood≤30 sec/T,
Shear rate (1~200)s-1
Viscosity (0~60)mPa.s
Shear stress (0-12000)mPa
Sampling volume Whole blood: 200-800ul adjustable, plasma≤200ul
Mechanism Titanium alloy, jewel bearing
Sample position 60+60 sample position with 2 rack
totally 120 sample positions
Test channel 2
Liquid system Dual squeezing peristaltic pump,Probe with liquid sensor and automatic-plasma-separation function
Interface RS-232/485/USB
Temperature 37℃±0.1℃
Control L-J control chart with save, query, print function;
Original Non-Newtonian fluid control with SFDA certification.
Calibration Newtonian fluid calibrated by national primary viscosity liquid;
Non-Newtonian fluid win national standard marker certification by AQSIQ of China.
Report Open

Fully Automated Blood Rheology Analyzer

Fully automated solution

The dual needle, dual disk, dual method test system works at the same time, fast and blood-saving
Titanium alloy movement with special cleaning fluid to ensure thorough cleaning and more accurate results
120-hole turntable sample position, fully open and interchangeable, any original test tube on the machine
Independent research and development of supporting quality control materials and standard materials to ensure the traceability of results

Fully Automated Blood Rheology Analyzer


1.Performance advantage
Integrated ballast method and capillary method double methodological test, in line with international standards
Titanium alloy movement, jewel bearings, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, to ensure that the measurement error is less than 1%. The squeeze peristaltic pump has accurate liquid inlet and smooth liquid discharge.
Embedded ARM processor, real-time multi-task high-speed test, up to 160 people per hour

2 Standardized travel source system
Independent research and development of integrated blood rheology test system, with a complete product system
Independently researched and developed non-Newtonian fluid viscosity standards, and obtained the national secondary standard certificate. Independently developed non-Newtonian fluid quality control materials, and became an advocate of the quality control product industry standard and clinical testing path designated by the Clinical Inspection Center of the Ministry of Health

3.Core technology platform
20 years of experience in the hematology industry, with a number of patented technologies. The non-Newtonian fluid technology platform was awarded the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology as an independent innovation enterprise


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