Semi Automated Blood Rheology Analyzer

1. Designed for Small-level Lab.
2. Rotational Cone plate method.
3. Non-Newtonian standard marker win China National Certification.
4. Original Non-Newtonian Controls, Consumables and application make whole solution.

Product Detail

Analyzer Introduction

SA-5000 automated blood rheology analyzer adopts cone/plate type measurement mode. The product imposes a controlled stress on the fluid to be measured through a low inertial torque motor. The drive shaft is maintained in the central position by a low resistance magnetic levitation bearing, which transfers the imposed stress to the fluid to be measured and whose measuring head is cone-plate type. The whole mensuration is automatically controlled by the computer. The shear rate can be set randomly at the range of (1~200) s-1, and can trace two-dimensional curve for shear rate and viscosity in real time. The measuring principle is drawn on the Newton Viscidity Theorem.

 Semi Automated Blood Rheology Analyzer

Technical Specification

Model SA5000
Principle Rotation method
Method Cone plate method
Signal collection High-precision raster subdivision technology
Working Mode /
Function /
Accuracy ≤±1%
CV CV≤1%
Test time ≤30 sec/T
Shear rate (1~200)s-1
Viscosity (0~60)mPa.s
Shear stress (0-12000)mPa
Sampling volume 200-800ul adjustable
Mechanism Titanium alloy
Sample position 0
Test channel 1
Liquid system Dual squeezing peristaltic pump
Interface RS-232/485/USB
Temperature 37℃±0.1℃
Control L-J control chart with save, query, print function;
Original Non-Newtonian fluid control with SFDA certification.
Calibration Newtonian fluid calibrated by national primary viscosity liquid;
Non-Newtonian fluid win national standard marker certification by AQSIQ of China.
Report Open


a) Rheometer software provides measurement function selection by means of menu.


b) Rheometer has the functions of real-time display measurement area temperature and temperature regulation;


c. Rheometer software can automatically control the analyzer shear rate at the range of 1s-1~200s-1 (shear stress 0mpa~12000mpa), which is continuously adjustable;


d. It can display test results for the whole blood viscosity and plasma viscosity;


e. It can output shear rate ----- whole blood viscosity relationship curve by means of graphics.


f.It can select shear rate optionally on the shear rate ---- whole blood viscosity and shear rate ---- plasma viscosity relationship curves, and display or print relevant viscosity values by means of numerical numbers;


g. It can automatically store test results;


h. It is characterized by the functions of database setup, query, modification, deletion and printing;


i. Rheometer has the functions of automatic locating, sample adding, blending, testing and washing;


j. Rheometer can implement test for the continuous hole site sample as well as individual test for any hole site sample. It also can provide hole site numbers for the sample being tested.


k. It can implement non-Newton Fluid quality control as well as save, query and print quality control data and graphics.


l. It has the function of calibration, which can calibrate the standard viscosity liquid.

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