Is coagulation life threatening?

Author: Succeeder    

Blood clotting disorder is life-threatening, because coagulation disorders are due to various reasons that cause the human body's coagulation function disorder. After the coagulation dysfunction, a series of symptoms of bleeding will occur. If severe intracranial hemorrhage occurs, there is a considerable danger of life. Because there are many diseases caused by coagulation dysfunction, more common clinical is hemophilia A, hemophilia B, vascular hemophilia, vitamin K deficiency, diffuse blood vessels in the vitamin These diseases can cause coagulation dysfunctional diseases. If it is a patient with severe hemophilia A, there is a tendency to obvious bleeding in itself. After mild trauma, it is easy to induce bleeding. If patients with severe hemophilia A suffer from trauma, it is easy to induce severe craniocerebral bleeding, which endangers the patient's life. In addition, severe internal blood vessels coagulation, due to the consumption and coagulation dysfunction of various coagulation factors, also prone to severe bleeding, leading to early death of the patient.