Semi-Automated ESR Analyzer SD-100

Author: Succeeder    

SD-100 Automated ESR Analyzer adapts to all level hospitals and medical research office, it’s used to test erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and HCT.

The detect components are a set of photoelectric sensors, which can make detection periodically for 20 channels. When inserting samples in channel, detectors make response immediately and begin to test. Detectors can scan samples of all channels by periodical movement of detectors, which makes sure when the liquid level changes, detectors can collect displacement signals exactly at any moment and save the signals in built-in computer system.



20 testing channels.

Build-in printer with LCD display

ESR (westergren and wintrobe Value) and HCT

ESR real time result and curve display.

Power supply: 100V-240V, 50-60Hz

ESR test range: (0~160)mm/h

Sample Volume: 1.5ml

ESR Measuring Time: 30 minutes

HCT Measuring Time: < 1minute

ERS CV: ±1mm

HCT test range: 0.2~1

HCT CV: ±0.03

Weight: 5.0kg

dimensions: l × w × h(mm): 280×290×200