Succeeder High-speed ESR Analyzer SD-1000

Author: Succeeder    

Product advantages:
1. The coincidence rate compared with the standard Westergren method is greater than 95%;
2. Photoelectric induction scanning, not affected by specimen hemolysis, chyle, turbidity, etc.;
3. The 100 specimen positions are all plug-and-play, supporting any switch between ESR/press testing;
4. Barcode scanning to read test information, seamless connection with LIS/HIS system;
5. Support vacuum blood collection tubes to be directly operated on the machine to avoid secondary pollution;
6. Built-in high-definition capacitive touch screen, friendly human-computer interface


Technical parameter:
1. ESR test range: (0~160) mm/h
2. Built-in high-definition capacitive touch screen, man-machine interaction, easy to operate.
3. Packing test range: 0.2~1
4. Accuracy of ESR test: compared with Wei's method, the coincidence rate is not less than 90%
5. It has the function of automatic temperature correction to ensure accurate and reliable results.
6. Rapid detection, 30min report.
7.  Photoelectric scanning dynamic monitoring, can display and/or print erythrocyte sedimentation rate dynamic chart, the results are not disturbed by turbidity such as jaundice and chyle.
8.  Westergren method and Wintobe-landsbrey method are supported at the same time, which can detect erythrocyte sedimentation rate and hematocrit. ESR test, hematocrit test repeatability: CV does not exceed 7%
9.  Random sample injection, patients can do whatever they want, insert samples at any time, automatically scan and enter patient information, automatically time, and can generate and print erythrocyte sedimentation rate curves, and automatically print results
10. Unlimited storage of results