Who Is At High Risk Of Thrombosis?

Author: Succeeder    

The formation of thrombus is related to vascular endothelial injury, blood hypercoagulability, and slowed blood flow. Therefore, people with these three risk factors are prone to thrombus.

1. People with vascular endothelial injury, such as those who have undergone vascular puncture, venous catheterization, etc., due to the damaged vascular endothelium, the collagen fibers exposed under the endothelium can activate platelets and coagulation factors, which may initiate endogenous coagulation. The system causes thrombosis.

2. People whose blood is in a hypercoagulable state, such as patients with malignant tumors, systemic lupus erythematosus, severe trauma or major surgery, have more coagulation factors in their blood and are more likely to coagulate than normal blood, so they are more likely to form thrombosis . Another example is people who take contraceptives, estrogen, progesterone and other drugs for a long time, their blood coagulation function will also be affected, and it is easy to form blood clots.

3. People whose blood flow is slowed down, such as those who sit still for a long time to play mahjong, watch TV, study, take economy class, or stay in bed for a long time, the lack of physical activity can cause the blood flow to slow down or even stagnate The formation of vortices destroys the normal blood flow state, which will increase the chance of platelets, endothelial cells and coagulation factors to contact, and it is easy to form thrombus.