What is a Blood Coagulation Analyzer Used For?

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This refers to the whole process of plasma changing from a fluid state to a jelly state. The blood coagulation process can be roughly divided into three main steps: (1) the formation of prothrombin activator; (2) the prothrombin activator catalyzes the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin; (3) thrombin catalyzes the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, thereby forming Jelly-like blood clots.

The final process of blood coagulation is the formation of blood clots, and the formation and dissolution of blood clots will cause changes in physical elasticity and strength. The blood coagulation analyzer produced by Kangyu Medical, also known as the coagulation analyzer, is the most commonly used instrument for detecting blood coagulation.

At present, conventional coagulation function tests (such as: PT, APTT) can only detect the activity of coagulation factors in plasma, reflecting a certain stage or a certain coagulation product in the coagulation process. Platelets interact with coagulation factors during the coagulation process, and coagulation testing without platelet participation cannot reflect the overall picture of coagulation. TEG detection can comprehensively show the whole process of blood clot occurrence and development, from the activation of coagulation factors to the formation of firm platelet-fibrin clot to fibrinolysis, showing the whole picture of the patient's blood coagulation status, the rate of blood clot formation, blood coagulation The strength of the clot, the level of fibrinolysis of the blood clot.

Coagulation analyzer is a clinically necessary routine testing equipment for measuring the content of various components in human blood, quantitative biochemical analysis results, and providing reliable digital basis for clinical diagnosis of various diseases of patients.

Before a patient is hospitalized for surgery, the doctor will always ask the patient to take blood diagnosis coagulation. The coagulation diagnosis items are one of the clinical inspection items in the laboratory. Be prepared to avoid being caught off guard by intraoperative bleeding. Up to now, the blood coagulation analyzer has been used for more than 100 years, providing valuable indicators for the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombotic diseases, the monitoring of thrombolysis and anticoagulation therapy, and the observation of curative effect.