What causes coagulation problems?

Author: Succeeder    

Coagulation may be caused by trauma, hyperlipidemia, and platelets.
1. Trauma:
Self -protection mechanisms are generally a self -protection mechanism for the body to reduce bleeding and promote wound recovery. When the blood vessels are injured, the blood intravascular coagulation factor is activated, stimulating platelet agglomeration, and the increase of fibrin, which adheres to blood cells and white blood cells into pieces to block the blood vessels. Invasion, while helping local organization repair and promoting wound healing.
2. Hyelipidemia:
Due to the abnormal component content in the blood, the lipid content rises, and the blood flow rate becomes slower, it is easy to cause the local concentration of blood cells such as platelets to increase the local concentration, stimulate the active coagulation factors, cause coagulation, and form thrombosis.
3. Platelets are enlarged:
Due to factors such as infection, the number of platelets in the body will increase the number of platelets. Platelets are blood cells that cause coagulation. Increased number will lead to increased blood coagulation, coagulation factors activation, and prone to coagulation process.
In addition to the above common reasons, there are other possibilities, such as hemophilia. If the body occurs, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time to improve the relevant examination in accordance with the doctor's advice.
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