Succeeder automated coagulation hematology analyzer training in Philippines

Author: Succeeder    

Our technicial engineer Mr.James provide a training for our Philiness partner on 5th May 2022. In their laboratory, including SF-400 semi-automated coagulation analyzer, and SF-8050 fully automated coagulation analyzer.


SF-8050 is our hot selling analyzer, its very suit for middle small laboratory.


1. Test method: dual magnetic circuit magnetic bead coagulation method, chromogenic substrate method, immunoturbidimetric method

2. Test items: PT, APTT, TT, FIB, HEP, LMWH, PC, PS, various coagulation factors, D-DIMER, FDP, AT-III

3. Detection speed:

• Results within 4 minutes of the first specimen

• Emergency specimen results within 5 minutes

• PT single item 200 tests/hour

4. Sample management: 30 interchangeable sample racks, which can be expanded infinitely, support the original test tube on the machine, any emergency position, 16 reagent positions, 4 of which have the function of stirring position

5. Data transmission: can support HIS/LIS system

6. Data storage: unlimited storage of results, real-time display, query, print