Fully coagulation analyzer SF-8050 training in Vietnam

Author: Succeeder    

Fully automated coagulation analyzer SF-8050 training in Vietnam. Our technical engineers explained in detail the instrument operation specifications, software operation procedures, how to maintain during use, and reagent operation and other details. Won the high approval of our customers.


1. Test method: dual magnetic circuit magnetic bead coagulation method, chromogenic substrate method, immunoturbidimetric method

2. Test items: PT.APTT.TT.FIB, HEP, LMWH.PC, PS, various coagulation factors, D-DIMER, FDP, AT-I

3. Detection speed: the first sample results within 4 minutes

♦Emergency specimen results within 5 minutes

♦PT single item 200 tests/hour

♦ Four comprehensive 30 specimens/hour

♦ Six comprehensive 10 specimens/hour

♦ D-Dimer 20 specimens/hour

4. Sample management: 30 interchangeable sample racks, which can be expanded infinitely, support the original test tube on the machine, any emergency position, 16 reagent positions, 4 of which have the function of stirring position

5. Data transmission: can support HIS/LIS system

6. Data storage: unlimited storage of results, real-time display, query and print