Fully automated coagulation analyzer SF-8100 training in Turkey

Author: Succeeder    

Fully automated coagulation analyzer SF-8100 training in Turkey. Our technical engineers explained in detail the instrument operation specifications, software operation procedures, how to maintain during use, and reagent operation and other details. Won the high approval of our customers.


SF-8100 is a high-speed intelligent automatic coagulation tester with 3 detection methodologies (coagulation method, turbidimetric method, and chromogenic substrate method). It adopts the detection principle of dual magnetic circuit magnetic bead method, 4 test channels, each channel is compatible with 3 methodologies, different channels and different methodologies can be tested at the same time, double-needle sample addition and cleaning, and barcode scanning for sample and reagent information management Input, with a variety of intelligent test functions: automatic temperature monitoring and compensation of the whole machine, cover opening and shutdown, sample position detection interlock, automatic sorting of various test items, automatic sample pre-dilution, automatic calibration curve, automatic re-measurement of abnormal samples, automatic Dilute again. Its high-speed and reliable detection capability enables PT single item to reach 260 tests/hour. It reflects the excellent quality of performance, convenient operation and use.

Multiple methodologies, multiple testing items

●Multi-methodological tests of coagulation method, chromogenic substrate method and turbidimetric method can be carried out at the same time

●Provide a variety of optical detection wavelengths, support a variety of special project detection

●The modular design of the test channel ensures the standardization of the measurement and reduces the channel difference

●Test channel, each channel is compatible with 3 methodological tests

Detection principle of double magnetic circuit magnetic bead method

●Electromagnetic induction type, not affected by magnetic field attenuation

●Sensing the relative movement of the magnetic beads, not affected by the viscosity of the original plasma

●Completely overcome the interference of specimen jaundice, hemolysis and turbidity

Two-needle sample loading design

●Cleaning of sample needles and reagent needles to avoid cross contamination

●Reagent needle is pre-warmed very quickly in seconds, automatic temperature compensation

●Sampling needle has liquid level sensing function

Optimize reagent management

●Extensible reagent position design, suitable for various specifications of reagents, to meet various detection needs

●Reagent position inclination design, reduce reagent loss

●The reagent position has the functions of room temperature, refrigeration and stirring

●Smart card scanning, reagent batch number, expiration date, standard curve and other information are entered and stored, and the test is automatically matched and recalled

Sample Management System

●Pull-out sample rack, support any original test tube on the machine

●Sample rack in-position detection, detection interlock, indicator light prompt function

●Any emergency position to achieve emergency priority

●Support barcode scanning, automatic input of sample information, support two-way communication

High-speed and reliable detection capability

●Automatic sorting of various test items to achieve high-speed optimization testing

PT single item 260 tests/hour, four comprehensive 36 specimens/hour

●Sample needles and reagent needles work and clean to avoid cross-contamination

●Reagent needle is pre-warmed very quickly in seconds, automatic temperature compensation

Fully enclosed intelligent automatic operation, reliable and unattended

●Totally closed operation, open cover to stop

●The ambient temperature of the whole machine is monitored, and the system temperature is automatically corrected and compensated

●Load 1000 test cups at a time, automatic continuous sample injection

●Automatic switching of spare reagent positions to improve work efficiency

●Programmable project combination, easy to complete with one key

●Automatic pre-dilution, automatic calibration curve

●Automatic remeasurement and automatic dilution of abnormal specimens

●Insufficient consumables, waste liquid overflow alarm prompt