Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer

1. Designed for Large-level Lab.
2. Viscosity based (Mechanical clotting) assay, immunoturbidimetric assay, chromogenic assay.
3. Internal barcode of sample and reagent, LIS support.
4. Original reagents, cuvettes and solution for better results.
5. Cap-piercing optional.


Product Detail

Analyzer Introduction

Fully Automated Coagulation analyzer SF-9200 can be used for clinical test and pre-operative screening. Hospitals and medical scientific researchers also can use SF-9200. Which adopts coagulation and immunoturbidimetry, chromogenic method to test the clotting of plasma. The instrument shows that clotting measurement value is the clotting time (in seconds). If the test item is calibrated by calibration plasma, it can also display other related results.
The product is made of sampling probe movable unit, cleaning unit, cuvettes movable unit, heating and cooling unit, test unit, operation-displayed unit, LIS interface (used for printer and transfer date to Computer).
Technical and experienced staffs and analyzers of high quality and strict quality management are the guarantee of manufacture of SF-9200 and good quality. We guarantee each instrument inspected and tested strictly. SF-9200 meets China national standard, industry standard, enterprise standard and IEC standard.



Used for measuring prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), fibrinogen (FIB) index, thrombin time (TT), AT, FDP, D-Dimer, Factors, Protein C, Protein S, etc...

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