Semi-Automated ESR Analyzer SD-100

1. Support both ESR and HCT simultaneously.
2. 20 test positions, 30 minutes of ESR test.
3. Internal printer.

4. LIS support.
5. Excellent quality with cost effective.

Product Detail

Analyzer Introduction

SD-100 Automated ESR Analyzer adapts to all level hospitals and medical research office, it’s used to test erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and HCT.

The detect components are a set of photoelectric sensors, which can make detection periodically for 20 channels. When inserting samples in channel, detectors make response immediately and begin to test. Detectors can scan samples of all channels by periodical movement of detectors, which makes sure when the liquid level changes, detectors can collect displacement signals exactly at any moment and save the signals in built-in computer system.
Semi-Automated ESR Analyzer SD-100

Technical Specification

Test channels 20
Test principle photoelectric detector.
Test items hematocrit (HCT) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).
Test time ESR 30 minutes.
ESR test range (0-160) mm/h.
HCT test range 0.2~1.
Sample amount 1ml.
Independent test channel with fast testing.
Storage >=255 groups.
10. Screen LCD can display ESR curve, HCT and ESR results.
Data management, analysis and reporting software.
Build-in printer, can print dynamic ESR and HCT results.
13. Data transmission: RS-232 interface, can support HIS/LIS system.
Weight: 5kg
Dimension: l×w×h(mm) 280×290×200


1. Designed for Large-level Lab with PT 360T/D.
2. Viscosity based (Mechanical clotting) assay, immunoturbidimetric assay, chromogenic assay.
3. Internal barcode of sample and reagent, LIS support.
4. Original reagents, cuvettes and solution for better results.
Semi-Automated ESR Analyzer SD-100

Precautions for use:

1. The anticoagulant should be 106mmol/L sodium citrate, and the ratio of anticoagulant to blood drawn volume is 1:4.

2. Do not insert the erythrocyte sedimentation tube into the test channel when powering on the self-test, otherwise it will cause abnormal self-test of the channel.

3. After the system self-inspection is over, the capital letter "B" is marked in front of the channel number, which indicates that the channel is abnormal and cannot be tested. It is strictly forbidden to insert the ESR tube into the test channel with abnormal self-inspection.

4. The sample amount is 1.6ml. When adding samples, pay attention that the sample injection amount should be within 2mm of the scale line. Otherwise, the test channel will not be tested. Anemia, hemolysis, red blood cells hang on the test tube wall, and the sedimentation interface is not clear. Will affect the results.

5. Only when the "Output" menu item selects "Print by serial number", the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and compaction results of the same serial number can be printed in a report, and the bleeding curve can be printed. If the printed report is not clear, it needs to be replaced. Printer ribbon.

6. Only users who have installed the SA series blood rheology platform test software on the computer host can upload the data of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzer. When the instrument is in the test or printing state, the data upload operation cannot be performed.

7. When the instrument is turned off, the data can still be saved, but when the clock is turned on again after the "0" point, the data of the previous day will be cleared automatically.

8. The following situations may cause inaccurate test results:

a) Anemia;

b) Hemolysis;

c) Red blood cells hang on the wall of the test tube;

d) Specimen with unclear sedimentation interface.

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