What to do if blood is not easy to coagulate?

Author: Succeeder    

The difficulty in blood coagulation may be caused by coagulation disorders, platelet abnormalities and other factors. It is recommended that patients clean the wound first, and then go to the hospital for examination in time. According to the cause, platelet transfusion, coagulation factor supplementation and other methods can be performed under the guidance of the doctor.
1. Clean the wound: Blood is not easy to coagulate and the wound will continue to bleed. The patient should clean the wound first under the guidance of a doctor and use iodophor to clean the wound to avoid bacterial infection.
2. Platelet transfusion: If the patient's blood does not coagulate due to low platelet count, platelet transfusion can be performed under the guidance of a doctor. After the transfusion, the patient's symptoms should be observed to avoid other adverse reactions that may harm the patient's health.
3. Supplementing coagulation factors: If the patient is caused by coagulation dysfunction, he or she can also be treated with plasma transfusion and supplementation of coagulation factors under the guidance of a doctor.
In addition, it is recommended that patients also use antiviral drugs to prevent infection as directed by their doctor. If the patient feels unwell, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time and deal with it according to the cause under the guidance of a doctor to avoid serious illness and harm to the patient's health.
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