What pills can I drink to stop bleeding?

Author: Succeeder    

Rapid hemostatic drugs include topical drugs such as Yunnan White Drug; Injectable drugs, such as hemostasis and vitamin K 1; Chinese herbal medicines, such as wormwood and acacia.

The powder of Yunnan White Drug contains panax notoginseng powder, which can quickly stop the bleeding and bleeding of trauma; Vitamin K 1 can accelerate the formation of clotting factors and promote blood clotting; Haemostasis can reduce the penetrance of the inner wall of capillaries and promote blood clotting; Wormwood has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, can warm menstruation and stop bleeding, and at the same time, wormwood can inhibit the aggregation of platelets to stop bleeding; Huaihua has the effect of cooling blood and can treat hot bleeding.

If a patient has bleeding, he should go to the hospital immediately for medical treatment, actively treat him under the guidance of the doctor, and do not stop taking medicine or medication without authorization. During the treatment period, it shall be treated in accordance with the doctor's instructions, and shall not eat spicy and stimulating food, alcohol or blood activating drugs. If other drugs are required, they shall be taken under the guidance and advice of doctors.

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