What can cause blood to thicken?

Author: Succeeder    

Generally, eating foods or drugs such as egg whites, high sugar foods, seed foods, animal livers, and hormone drugs can cause blood to thicken.

1. Egg yellow food:
For example, egg yellow, duck egg yellow, etc., all belong to high cholesteric foods, which contain a large amount of cholesterin and fatty acids. When ingested too much, the blood fat in the body will rise, and the blood will become more sticky, which may induce some cases of high blood pressure, high blood fat and arteriosclerosis.

2. High sugar food:
For example, in cakes and beverages, after the sugar enters the body, excessive sugar will form fat storage, resulting in obesity, and may also cause the occurrence of fatty liver. When the metabolism of these fat is abnormal, they may promote the increase of triglycolate, resulting in the increase of blood viscosity and the increase of the probability of clots.

3. Seed food:
Such as peanuts and melon seeds, which have high energy and nutritional value, are also rich in fat substances, which can be directly absorbed into blood after digestion. These substances can quickly increase blood viscosity after being digested and absorbed into the blood.

4. Animal liver:
Such as pig liver, sheep liver, etc. Animal liver has very high fat and cholesterin substances, which are digested and absorbed by the digestive tract and stored in the blood for a long time to make the blood thicker.

5. Corticoid drugs:
Such as prednisone acetic acid tablets, prednisone acetic acid tablets, methylprednisolone tablets, etc. It increases the production of very low-density ester protein, converts very low-density Lipoprotein into low-density ester protein, and also raises the level of cholesterin and triglycolide in plasma.

If the patient has discomfort, he should go to the hospital for treatment in time, clarify the cause after improving the relevant examination, and give treatment under the guidance of professional doctors to avoid delaying the condition. The above drugs should be used under the guidance of doctors to avoid self-medication.

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