What are the symptoms of vitamin K deficiency?

Author: Succeeder    

K deficiency generally refers to lack of vitamin K. Vitamin K is very powerful, not only in strengthening bones and protecting vascular flexibility, but also in preventing arteriosclerosis and bleeding diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the adequacy of vitamin K in the body and not to lack it. If it is lacking, it will cause a series of discomfort and affect health. Such as skin and mucosa bleeding, visceral bleeding, neonatal bleeding, etc. The details are as follows:

1. Cutaneous and mucocutaneous bleeding is a typical symptom of vitamin K deficiency, mainly manifested as skin purpura, eccentricities, epistaxis, gum bleeding, etc. If there is such an abnormality, special attention should be paid to it, which may be caused by the deficiency of vitamin K in the body. It is necessary to scientifically adjust diet and eat more food containing vitamin K. If you want to better avoid the harm of this element deficiency, you should make dietary adjustments and eat more food rich in vitamin K, such as carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, vegetables, yellow croakers, meat, milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables and cereals. In addition, patients should be reminded that their diet should be diversified in daily life, and they should not be picky or partial to food. Only in this way can we ensure that the nutrition in the body is comprehensive and balanced, and keep away from the hazards of diseases.

2. If the deficiency of vitamin K is serious, visceral bleeding will also occur, such as hemoptysis, bloody urine, excessive menstruation, black stool, cerebral hemorrhage, trauma and post-operative wound bleeding. Once these bleeding symptoms appear, they should be treated in time to prevent excessive bleeding from causing greater harm to the disease.

3. If the newborn lacks vitamin K, umbilical cord bleeding and digestive tract bleeding may occur, and serious children may also suffer from bleeding in muscles, joints and other deep tissues, which requires special attention to help children do a good job in scientific treatment and reduce disease hazards. Generally speaking, vitamin K deficiency mainly causes bleeding diseases, which must be paid special attention to. If abnormal bleeding is found, it should be treated in time to reduce the harm of the disease.

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