What are the factors that affect blood coagulation?

Author: Succeeder    

In general, the factors that affect blood coagulation include drug factors, platelet factors, coagulation factor factors, etc.

1. Drug factors: Drugs such as aspirin enteric coated tablets, warfarin tablets, clopidogrel tablets, and azithromycin tablets have the effect of inhibiting coagulation factor synthesis, thereby affecting blood coagulation efficiency and delaying blood coagulation.

2. Platelet factor: Platelets can promote blood coagulation by releasing vasoactive substances. If platelet function is abnormal or the number of platelets is low, the coagulation efficiency of the patient's blood will correspondingly decrease.

3. Coagulation factors: Coagulation factors in the human body have a promoting effect on blood coagulation. If the function of coagulation factors in the patient's body is weakened or lacking, it can lead to a deterioration of coagulation function and affect blood coagulation efficiency.

In addition to the above factors, other factors such as fibrinogen and environmental temperature also affect blood coagulation. If the patient's blood clotting is obstructed, they should seek medical attention in a timely manner to assess their condition and receive treatment under the guidance of a doctor.