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Product Detail


*Photoelectric turbidimetry method with high channel consistency
*Magnetic bar stirring method in round cuvettes compatible for various test items
*Real time display of testing process on 5-inch LCD
*Built-in printer supporting instant and batch printing for the test results and aggregation curve

Technical Specification

1) Testing Method Photoelectric turbidimetry
2) Stirring Method Magnetic bar stirring method in cuvettes
3) Testing Item ADP, AA, RISTO, THR, COLL, ADR and relevant items
4) Testing Result Aggregation curve, Maximum aggregation rate, Aggregation rate at 4 and 2 min, Slope of curve at 1 min.
5) Testing Channel 4
6) Sample Position 16
7) Testing Time 180s, 300s, 600s
8) CV ≤3%
9) Sample Volume 300ul
10) Reagent Volume 10ul
11) Temperature Control 37±0.1℃ with real time display
12) Pre-heating Time 0~999sec with alarm
13) Data Storage More than 300 testing results and aggregation curves
14) Printer Built-in thermal printer
15) Interface RS232
16) Data Transmission HIS/LIS network


SC-2000 semi-automated platelet aggregation analyzer uses 100-220V. Suitable for all levels of hospitals and medical research institution of measurement on platelet aggregation. Instrument displays the measured value percentage (%). Technology and experienced staff, advanced detection instruments, high-quality testing equipment and strict quality management system is the SC-2000 good quality guarantee, we ensure that each instrument are subject to stringent testing and inspection. SC-2000 in full compliance with national standards, industry standards and registered product standards. This instruction manual sold together with the instrument.

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